A thought-collecting existentialist with ThoughtWorks.

What I am looking for:

To work on something meaningful for, and helpful to, people.

What I love

  • Solving problems (human, technical, managerial, political)
  • Being a part of a cross-functional team and pairing with people
  • Leading through coaching
  • Innovating through trial and error
  • Writing software through BDD/TDD (production code, infrastructure code)
  • Debugging software
  • Letting others know what I know, or have recently learned
  • Managing product development by planning and implementing MVPs (You write it, you run it!)
  • Delivering by writing good story writing practices and Kanban
  • “Fuck it, ship it”
  • Dynamic reporting using visual guides
  • Running inceptions
  • Giving presentations and running workshops
  • Caring about what I do

What bores me:

  • Fighting corporate red-tape
  • Using tickets to interact with people
  • Reporting status and sitting in status meetings
  • Sitting in meetings where people continuously avoid saying “yes”.
  • Not having end-to-end control of the process
  • Working with people who think it’s about them and disregard the goal
  • Working with people who do not want to try new things or take risks
  • Following a process without being able to influence it
  • Not being trusted by my managers
  • Not giving a damn

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